Animated Documentary

Animated Documentary

This project has been difficult, we were lucky enough in the beginning to be approached by a friend offering to voice their past experiences for our documentary. With over an hour of interview audio it took us a long time to find a theme and create an edit that worked, the audio went through many iterations, back and forth between the interviewee to make sure that everything is okay for us to use and whether it depicts their story in a manner they are happy with.
Here is the final result!


Character Modeller & Rigger, Animator, Concept Artist, Lighting, Shots List, Transcript, Creating the Edit.


This includes all my visual contribution to the project.

This project has been intense, not so much with animation work-load but with group dynamic, sorting interviews and staying faithful to somebody else’s story has deemed more challenging than first anticipated. When you’re on the 4th edit and major changes get requested, it’s demoralizing, but you know it’s got to be done, as a group we passed the audio editing job around so that no one person felt like they were doing everything.
I’ve always appreciated organised file structure, but never have I appreciated it most than when I was editing the project together. I took it upon myself to make sure each time someone animated a shot I’d put it into the sequence and update the team, this generally went smoothly until naming conventions broke down and I’d had shots with all sorts of names and trying to sift through where they go. Overall, it wasn’t made easy, but it definitely wasn’t as difficult to build an edit once I’d gotten the hand of premiere.
This project has been enjoyable and really rewarding, we’re all proud of what we’ve created, but there’s no mistaking that if we’d better managed ourselves, we could have pushed this further.
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