Circuit Concluded


The time I have to work on Circuit is quickly closing as my trip to Annecy quickly arrives. I have pushed hard on this project, learning a new asset pipeline using Substance Painter and Substance Designer, both have been pleasurable to learn and work with. After the initial hurdles of learning how best to utilize the software my asset production workflow and in turn, speed has improved.
These last few weeks have been difficult to balance, with my partner and I having our own personal schedules clash it has been difficult to work together. I have been pushing asset creation to as far as I can before I must leave, but this by no means that the production on Circuit will be halted as Jordan continues to push forward animating.
I am sure we’d both like to see this film through to a final rendered image and it will definitely take some extra work. As much as a lot of assets are still in previsualisation, I believe that a purely focused contribution to the film post submission will take us far. I definitely do not regret splitting my workload across 4 films. This has definitely left circuit in a position of being less finished than anticipated as I was wholly responsible for look development and asset generation while Jordan is taking on the animation in its entirety.
Beyond this submission, my goal is to make Circuit as a film both technically marvelous and aesthetically fabulous. Capturing a sense for the cute little robot, in a fantastical world. The biggest job post submission will be the cop character. As Circuits contrasting character, he alone makes Circuit more appealing in his innocence.
In my absence I wish Jordan the best of luck animating Circuit and hope Kyle continues to bring great music to the project. We will make this great, even if it kills us.

With all of that said.
Here is the film in its current state:

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