Circuit Environment

Circuit Environment Progression

For a 3D film to have 3 unique environments I need to be smart with how I balance my time on asset creation. Although I did try to be smart with my time, I definitely fell into some pitfalls of over modelling and texturing some unimportant assets.

I am very proud of my Jerrycan but I shouldn’t be

The Workshop

This is the first environment I started working on as it was deemed the most important. For this environment I wrote gathered a bunch of resources relating to things that could be found in both a general and car garage. I opted to lean towards a car garage as he is a robot with a wheel a number of the same props would apply to his design.

The City Environment

To create all the buildings in this environment I created a procedural building texture that I could use to tweak and generate different types and colours of buildings.
Some of the references we had for what the city would look like were during the night. Following this our city had very bright lights which worked during the night but did not suit the daytime in the film. In the end we turned down the emission on the windows and found it felt less visually intrusive and more representative of daytime in the city.
Using Jordans concepts I started to block in some other city assets..

The Junkyard

This environment has been a challenging one, trying to concept up a method to create a mass amount of junk without technical or physical limitations of creating the assets and then rendering them. I started by using a procedural system to spread assets across a large plane, this did okay but started to slow down Maya and was not easy to control. I then stumbled across some techniques to create tiled textures in Zbrush, from here I started to use some of the already created assets from the workshop to generate a tileable texture.
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