Its all gone now

My project is going into the archive.

I may revisit the ideas later but right now, I cannot deal. I’ve done this because I have been having doubts about my degree, my own capabilities, general low self esteem, stressing and just generally everything feeling awful. All pinned upon having to come up with an idea. I don’t fully understand my process or why I find this so difficult but I’ve found so much relief in putting this to rest.

The project took the form of exploring the loneliness of gaming addiction, caught up in computer screens and the isolation of a single room. I think the project definitely reflected how I felt with being trapped within this project, isolating my character in the same way that I felt isolated to my computer having to push through the project.
To test whether the physicality of repetition of the same room would work in Maya I did a small test. I thought of a few different methods to best mirror the animation across rooms from exporting the animation and referencing it back into the scene from trying to copy the keys to another rig within the scene. What I found to be the most effective option was to bake the animation, I did this via an alembic cache. Once imported into Maya it was possible to offset the whole animation to fit into the other variants of the room, this is to simulate any lighting or elements that are visible through the door frame of the previous and next rooms. There could perhaps be a more elegant solution that updates in real time but after dropping the project this did not require further thought. (but I’ll definitely want to try it.)
I took some time to do some digital painting and explore a new technique of working directly in colour first. I found this much more comfortable than breaking the process down into values and colours separately, though I did used to prefer the greyscale style of painting.
I did try to explore another project, revisiting a gardening game in a garden themed world. Starting this pre-production so late felt like I’d have to cut down on production and that any rushed designs wouldn’t do my production skills any justice.
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