Kicking Things off

The Struggle

I’ve been finding it hard to find what I might do for my project or what I want to focus on during the unit. I’ve been bouncing all over with no sense of direction. Little did I know that my only direction is no direction. After the first lecture I felt enlightened and comfortable, knowing that not know what I am doing is part of what is expected. Now that I feel comfortable exploring the unknown I am able to punch out various ideas. I was initially worried with my lack of idea when I see so many with ideas, but knowing that it is okay to have nothing definitely alleviates stress and allows me to explore. I spent the whole day getting through my mind visually and coming up with varying degree of ideas.

Exploration through freedom

I started experimenting with different brushes and I did a single red line across a black page and something about it hit me, it felt isolated and the colour conveyed an emotion. Following from this I continued to express myself through different brush strokes. Creating conflict, union, isolation, war, anger and pain through simple lines and how they appear in relation to one another.

Finding a direction

I’ve been looking through all the work I’ve created up to this point and considering what kind of direction the project might be going. I used this to start developing some other concepts. If I start getting distracted by tangent ideas or cool brushes l’ll give myself the freedom to fill the page and get the urges out, keeping my mind free to explore the next idea without it lingering on the previous distraction.

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