Between my fingers

My project has become sand, its constantly shifting and I’m struggling to grasp onto anything.


Dante’s Inferno and The Four Horsemen are ideas that came to mind, so I began exploring a hellish colour scheme and environment.
This, has yet to go anywhere. The project is lost.

Team Up

I decided, actually, maybe I can bring something to someone else projects, as I look around and see people working I want to work on something else, something defined and help them improve their ideas.
So I teamed up with Lisa Yates on her chicken project.
I started by trying to help figure out what is a staple in the story and what can be changed. The staple is the chicken, so where can that go? Anywhere.

My mind had clicked – a story is not its events but rather its emotion, realising this has changed everything. Seeing movies for their emotional story more so than their events.
i.e. Turbo is not about racing snails, its about a brotherly bond and family.
Monsters Inc. as A story about fatherhood, not monsters.
Context and Events are different from Emotional Narrative. Thinking like this really makes turning anything into a story much easier, without thinking about having to use the context at which the emotion originally spawns.

Applying this to Lisa’s chicken project I came up with various emotional engagements involving the chicken, this however had moved the project to be less relate-able for Lisa. Contrasting elements are important and initially we looked at a girl having to travel to the city due circumstances, having to adapt to city life. It was difficult to involve the chicken in this narrative.

So I suggested, how about the character is older, travelling to the city for school and takes her favourite chicken from the farm as company. In her journey she deals with very different people and upon waiting excitedly for her new roommate at school, she finds out he’s a bit of a dick. A guy who is questionably not a student and only seems to throw parties and hang with friends.

For myself this was relate-able to my experience last year, but Lisa doesn’t have a connection to the story. Vice versa Lisa has ideas that I struggle to understand on an emotional level.

Character Test Board

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