No Direction No Problem.

Project Direction

Right now, its unsure as to where my project is leading me. My plan of action is to keep creating, whether its simple or complex but making sure to carry over elements that I want my project to embody. Currently I’ve been placing large figures in my images, similar to my previous concept pieces.

During the process of trying to create concepts I find myself experimenting with tools and generally making a mess on the canvas, these aren’t wasteful though. Anything that I have created serves as knowledge toward what I myself can achieve visually. Some abstract images don’t lead directly into a tangible piece but the mood and aesthetic serve as good reference.

The Polygonal Laso Tool

I decided to think on my large figures and explore them visually, for this I decided to use silhouette and the Laso Tool in Photoshop. This turned out much more graphical and excited than I had originally anticipated so I did a few. Moving beyond the giants in my concepts I started to explore utilising the Laso Tool in other contexts. This is definitely leading to interesting visuals and is a route I am willing to explore.

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