When One Quest ends…

In a world where people are defined by their birds. a young girl with an egg becomes lost with who she is as she sees the eggs of those around her hatching. She becomes alone, empty, the girl without her bird, the egg that never hatched. Through of a journey of self discovery, her egg begins to hatch and in doing so emerges a bird of pure majesty.


The goal is to find a story that we both have a passion and something to stay true to the original concept.

Girl hatches egg.

Girl moves from city to a country house. Shes excited but the house is not as she expected. Her room is falling apart and needs doing up. She does up the room herself but a chicken happens to get in her way. She’s frustrated, but over time, they work together and friendship ensues.

City girl finds an egg on her new country house windowsill. She takes it in and cares for it.

Without social media, do you really exist? A young city girl, devastated by her parents choice to move to the country she pretends that her country life is the best thing to have happened to her. The girls friends think shes having a blast in this new life, little did they know she is miserable until she comes across an egg, which she was unaware would change her country life.

City girl finds an egg on her new country house windowsill. The egg hatches one morning and causes her to wake up abruptly. She is annoyed and tries to rid of the chicken but it does not prevail.

Girl so caught up in posting pictures of her pets she completely overlooks giving them any attention and becomes so self absorbed in the pleasure of likes and comments that she is unaware of the joy she can receive from her pets.

Weeks Pass

Nothing is working, each idea is a back and forth, a discussion of endless possibilities with no end in sight. Stress Ensues, there is nothing in this ocean of everything.

Girl is taken away by a small group of chickens to a land where they’re all chickens. She is introduced to the great Frizzle and is tasked with saving chicken kind.

A battle, between technology and reality. A girl who is completely engulfed in a virtual world. Leaving any technology behind is painful. Little did she know this new country house would not have any digital infrastructure. She battles to get internet working and along the way, befriends a chicken. Little did she realise the internet would attempt to steal her life back as she struggles between connectivity and the simple life of her new found friend.

Below are various notes and sequences that are both derived from and leading towards some of the above story ideas.
Previous Storyboards put into Animatic
Started using WonderUnits Storyboarder and I love it!
Concept Development and 3D Asset

Sadly, the chicken quest comes to a close.

After some thought and discussion, the fact that even after a few weeks of ideas there is still no story we can both settle upon we agreed to split the project. I’ve got something new in store. Lisa will be using the current pre-pro to continue with her vision.
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