Pitching the Project

“Animatic” Teaser Trailer

I knew when presenting my project I’d need something that could be watched, almost like a teaser trailer. With the nature of the project and my ideas surrounding subversion of expectation I decided I’d do something simple that would do just that. Inspired by the use of philosophical videos in The Witness I used one of the clips from the game as a temp audio for something that may change but currently conveys the ideas in my mind. The visuals themselves are meant to start out seemingly normal with a guy watching TV but with a camera zoom reveal that there’s something more peculiar going on. I want the audience to be curiously confused so that they begin to question what might be going on.


With a lack of work to backup my idea I knew that my presentation would have to encapsulate some of the ideas I had revolving around the project. Something that would inspire confidence with consistency, I dabbled with various ideas of how I could pull in a sense of subversion in my presentation though nothing that came across as organised worked well, some ideas involved completely changing the colour scheme part way through the presentation though unsure whether that would come across as inconsistent or whether it would come as a surprise to the audience. The vertical text to the left not only gives the presentation some interest but serves as giving more space to the images presented. Additionally, I wanted to make a small statement on other people’s presentations and that is titles that are almost unnecessary statements on the content of the slide. Having a title that says Characters at the top of a page followed by images of Characters is almost silly and doesn’t inherently add to the slides themselves. In my presentation I called the Characters “Environments” and Environments “Characters”, after the presentation I asked some people whether they noticed, and some did not; further expanding on my point that no matter what you call what it on the slide, people will still have their opinions as to what they are if the term is general enough. Each slide has a C in the exact same place on every slide; I did this out of consistency and it aligns with some ideas surrounding the project to do with Obsessive Compulsion.

Game Development Pipeline

This is different from what I’ve done with an animation pipeline where the majority of the project is expressed in an animatic. With games the expression of what the game is will become is from prototypes and iterative design which determines what is enjoyable about the game before going into full production, however, with game design it is entirely flexible throughout the project and a lot of elements can be changed and rearranged very late into development especially if a lot of kit bashing is involved in design. The first elements to nail is whether the concept works in a primitive form, to test this we’ve built a small prototype that tests the new movement system in some abstract and dynamic rooms, no interaction or audio, just purely wandering through strange rooms.

Visual Development

Amongst greyboxing gameplay, visual development is still important and with placeholder assets paintovers are really effective for exploring how the game might look.

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