Polly and Pip the final Phases


Now that Lisa has finished the animation for her film, I have been helping with rendering and final compositing. For this we set up a number of PC’s in an empty room to render. Once final render frames came through I could put them into Nuke and composite them together into the baseplate images to create the final frames of the film.
This was the first time I used both AOVs and nuke to composite image sequences. To get the shadows of just the characters I used a shadow matte with the characters, minus an empty shadow matte of the environment to create essentially a difference shadow matte that would comprise of just the shadows cast by the objects in the scene. This in addition to an ID pass allowed me to isolate the characters and objects from the environment and overlay them into the base plate. Then finally I created an image that serves as a basis for the transparency behind the window, taking a base Mask for the window minus the ID pass and shuffled into the alpha. With a final color composite before export to bring out the vibrancy and contrast, which also helped pull the shots together with the 3D elements.

Before Render and Composite


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