Project Pitch

Preparing the Pitch

I am still lost, I have no idea what I am doing and all I have is a list of skills I want to improve. I know I want to make something dramatic and atmospheric but its been hard to find inspiration and ideas. For my pitch I opted to pitch myself and my skills as a resource for other students to call upon if needed, I feel this will help me work on the skills I want to without struggling too much with my story idea. Though I do find that this is harder than expected, the people who have approached me so far are looking toward production skills such as Rigging and Modelling more so than conceptual skills. To back up my pitch I did include a slightly more developed version of my VR concept from the Green-light pitch. I decided to use a reference image to paint a coffee shop in different weather conditions and time of day.

What will I do now?

With the kinds of requests I have received it is looking like I’ll have a good chance to apply my skills to other projects during production and in the mean time I will be working on personal exploration on my own project. If I take into consideration my project being working on other projects in production I am going to take the time to research into my workflow in 3D with python and 2D through painting.

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